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IP1717 16+1 ports Ethernet Switch Controller with Octal-PHYs

General Description :

The IP1717 is a cost effective and fully integrated single chip. It integrates a 17-port switch controller, an octal PHY transceiver and SSRAM. Each of PHY transceiver complies with 802.3u specification and HP-license Auto MDI/MDIX.                               

The IP1717 also provides a 3S-MII interface to connect an octal PHY for a 16-port dumb switch application and a MII interface for a smart/management switch application.

In addition, it supports full smart switch functions, including IGMP snooping, 4 priority queues, TOS, TCP/UDP port number priority, 802.1Q VLAN, port security, protocol filter/forwarding and bandwidth control.

Feature :

  • Built in 8 internal PHY, 8 SS-SMII (SMII), and one MII

  • Built in 1.625Mb RAM

  • Support packet length up to 1600 Bytes

  • Store & forward, share memory, non-blocking architecture  

  • Support flow control
    - 802.3x in full duplex
    Collision/Carrier_sense based backpressure in half duplex
  • Provide up to 4K MAC address entries
    - CRC/ direct hashing algorithm
    - Programmable aging timer (55s~1812070.4s)

    - Wire speed address learning and resolution

    - CPU accessible for security and static MAC

    - Learning enable/disable

    - IP filter 

  • Support Sniffer function (in, out, in & out)  

  • Support IGMP snooping function Version 1,2
    Support up to 2 trunk groups
    - (Port 0~3, port 4~7)
  • - Load balance based on (port, DA, SA, DA / SA)

  • Support VLAN
    - Port based VLAN
    - Tag based VLAN based on Ports & VIDs
  • - Add/ remove/ modify tag

  • Support Class of Service

    - Port based CoS function
    - 802.1Q priority tag based
    - IP TOS based (IPv4/IPv6)

    - TCP/UDP port based
    - 4 queues for per port

    - WRR/ FIFS/ SP algorithm 

  • Broadcast storm control support

    - Broadcast rate control per port

    - Block broadcast packet that not belongs to ARP or IPv4 packet to CPU port

  • Support port security

    - MAC address based
    - IP address based

  • Supports Bandwidth control

    - 255 configurable levels for P0~P16, (from 32kbps to 7.96 Mbps) for low bandwidth

    - 255 configurable levels for P0-P16 (from 512kbps to 100 Mbps) for high bandwidth
    - With/without flow control

  • Support SMI auto-polling function

    - Poll for speed, duplex, flow control, and link
    - CPU accessible (interrupt support)

  • CPU R/W PHY registers

  • Support SS_SMII and SMII mode

  • Support 4 port states for Spanning Tree protocol

    - Discarding/Blocking/learning/ forwarding
    - Forward BPDU to CPU port

  • Captures specific packet to CPU port
  • ICMP, IGMP, TCP, UDP, OSPF, other IP protocols
    - Packets with specific TCP/UDP port number
  • Flexible PHY address setting for CPU  

  • Support three Configuration modes

    - Pin initial setting

    - 2 wire serial interface for EEPROM
    - 2 wire serial interface for CPU

  • Statistic counters for each port

    - RX/TX packet count

    - CRC error packet count
    - Drop packet count

    - Collision count

  • Support force link without SMI for Port16

  • Support Non association port

  • Support port based address flush  

  • Support LED functions (for p0~p7)

    - Support 2 bit serial,3 bit serial, and 3 bit bi color mode

    - Support direct LED mode for Link/Activity, speed, duplex states
    - Support bi color direct LED mode

  • Only one 25MHz crystal is needed

  • Adjustable IO voltage (3.3v MII1.95V SS-SMII)

  • Programmable MAC address table through CPU interface

  • 128 pin PQFP Lead free package


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