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IP175A 5Port 10/100 Ethernet Integrated Switch

General Description :

IP175A is a low cost 10/100 Ethernet single chip switch. It integrates a 5-port switch controller, SSRAM, and 5 10/100 Ethernet transceivers. Each of the transceivers complies with the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, and IEEE802.3x specifications. The transceivers are designed in DSP approach with 0.25um technology; they have high noise immunity and robust performance.

IP175A operates in store and forward mode. It supports flow control, auto MDI/MDI-X, CoS, port base VLAN, and LED functions, etc. Each port can be configured to auto-negotiation or forced 10M/100M, full/half duplex, and it is also able to configure to 100BaseFX transmission mode. Using an EEPROM or pull up/down resistors on specified pins can configure the desired options. IP175A does not support "forced 10M half mode".

IP175A supports two MII ports for router application, which supports 4 LAN ports and one WAN port. MII0 is for LAN traffic and MII1 is for WAN traffic and no external PHY is needed. Both MII can work in PHY mode and interface to the external MAC in this application. The external MAC can monitor or configure IP175A by accessing MII registers through SMI.

MII0 also can be configured to be MAC mode. It is used to interface an external PHY to work as a 4+1 switch.

Feature :

  • 5 port 10/100 Ethernet switch with built in transceivers and memory
  • Build in SSRAM for frame buffer
  • Built in storage of 1K MAC address
  • Support flow control

    - Support IEEE802.3x for flow control for full duplex mode operation
    - Support backpressure for flow control for half duplex mode operation

  • 5 port switching fabric

    - Support two-level hashing algorithm to solve MAC address collision
    - Support MAC address aging
    - Store and forward mode
    - Broadcast storm protection
    - Full line speed capability of 148800 (14880) packets/sec for 100M (10M)
    - Support 1536 byte data transfer for VLAN packet traffic
    - Port base VLAN
    - Port base CoS configuration

  • Integrate 5 ports transceiver

    - Each port can be auto negotiable or forced 10M/100M, full/half duplex
    - Each port can be configured as 100BaseFX
    - Automatic MDI/MDI-X configuration

  • Support tow MII, one SMI and extended MII registers for router application
  • Built in regulator for 3.3v to 2.15v
  • LED status of Link, activity, full/half duplex, speed, and power on diagnostic function
  • Initial parameter setting by pin or EEPROM (24LC01) configuration
  • Utilize single clock source (25Mhz)
  • 0.25u technology
  • Support Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)


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