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IP178C 8Ports 10/100 Ethernet Integrated Switch

General Description :

IP178C integrated a 9-port switch controller, SSRAM, and 8 10/100 Ethernet transceivers. Each of the transceivers complies with the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, and IEEE802.3x specifications. The transceivers are designed in DSP approach in 0.18um technology; they have high noise immunity and robust performance.

IP178C operates in store and forward mode. It supports flow control, auto MDI/MDI-X, CoS, port base VLAN, bandwidth control, DiffServ, SMART MAC and LED functions, etc. Each port can be configured as auto-negotiation or forced 10M/100M, full/half duplexmode. Using an EEPROM or pull up.down resistors on specific pins can configure the desired options.

Besides an 8-port switch application, IP178C supports one MII/RMII ports for router application, which supports 7 LAN ports and one WAN port. The external MAC can monitor or configure IP178C by accessing MII registers through SMI.

MII/RMII port also can be configured to be MAC mode. It is used to interface an external PHY to work as an8+1 switch.

Feature :

  • Support 1k MAC address
  • Support auto-polarity for 10M
  • Support filter/forward special DA option
  • Support broadcast storm protection
  • Auto MDI-MDIX option
  • Support port security option to lock the first MAC address
  • Support one MII/RMII port, which works at 100M full duplex for router application
  • Support port base VLAN & tag VLAN
  • Support CoS
  • Support SMART MAC function
  • Support spanning tree protocol
  • Support max forwarding packet length 1552/1536 bytes option
  • Support SCA
  • Support two fiber ports with far end fault function for IP178CH only
  • Built in 3.3V/2.5V --> 1.8V regulator


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