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IP178G 8 Port 10/100M Ethernet Integrated Switch

(85nm /Extreme Low Power, PWMT and AFT)


General Description :

IP178G is fabricated with advanced CMOS (85nm/Low Power) technology and only requires a 3.3V single power supply for saving BOM cost. This feature makes IP178G consumes very low power, such as the full load operation (100Mbps_FDX x8) and embedded LDO, overall power consumption only takes 0.87w.                               

IP178G also supports Power Management Tool (PWMT) for IEEE 802.3az, APS, WOL+ and PWD for Green Power. While two link devices have no IEEE 802.3az capability, IP178G use WOL+ to change link from 100Mbps to 10Mbps for saving power.

The PWD of IP178G is designed for power down switch immediately by pushing a button, user dont plug out the power adapter. Push the button again, it will power on immediately.

Except Low Power and Rich Power Saving method, IP178G supports AFT for saving Customer Testing Cost. By using a push bottom and cables, IP178G will Auto test completely by itself.

Feature :

  • 8 port Embedded 10/100 PHY Switch Controller

  • Support 8 100BaseTX or 6 100Base TX + 2 FX

  • Support Auto MDI-MDIX function

  • Power Management Tool (PWMT)
    APS, auto-power saving while Link-off
    IEEE 802.3az protocol based power saving & 10Mbps Te for 10Mbps                                           - WOL+, light traffic power saving
    PWD, force-off power saving

  • Support Auto Factory Test (AFT)

  • Single Power 3.3V supply

  • Built in Vcore Regulator

  • Two Priority queues per port

  • Support 802.1p & DiffServ based QoS

  • QoS

    - Port base
    - 802.1p
    - IP
    DiffServ IPV4/IPV6

    - TCP/UDP port number

    - Pins configure ports priority (VIP port)

  • Support max forwarding packet length 1552/1536 bytes option

  • Support port mirror function

  • Support 1k MAC address

  • Support broadcast storm protection

  • Support  port trunking (LACP)

  • Support 16 VLAN (IEEE Std 802.1q)

  • - Port-based/Tagged-based VLAN

    - Support insert, remove tag

  • Built-in 50 ohm resistors for simplifying BOM

  • 85nm Process

  • Package and operation temperature

  • IP178G: 68 Pin QFN, 0~70

Application :

  • 8 port 10/100 SOHO Switch

  • 6TX+2FX Switch or 7TX + 1FX Switch


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