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IP403 56-Output Serial-to-Parallel LED Driver /52 GPIO Control Unit

General Description :

The IP403 is a dual-functional controller chip, the serial-to-parallel LED driver and GPIO controller. The serial-to-parallel LED mode can replace up to 7 74LV164 glue logic chips when used in Ethernet switch.

The GPIO controller is similar to the commonly used 8255 I/O controller. Furthermore IP403 provides the programmable input stable timer, allowing the designer to set the input de-bounce time. IP403 also provides the flexibility for the designer to program the interrupt source of the state change of individual input.

When set to LED driver mode, IP403 can directly drive 56 LEDs or 48 LEDs, depending on either single serial input or triple serial inputs. If set to single serial input mode, all LED driver pins are linked internally with the internal shift registers. If set to triple serial input mode, each serial input corresponds to 16 LED driver pins, meaning that 48 LEDs driver pins in total.

Feature :

  • Serial-to-parallel LED Driver
    One serial to 56 parallel LEDs or triple serial inputs to triple 16 parallel LEDs
    4~16mA adjustable current source driving without current-limiting resistor

    - LED power down function

    - Cascade ability to provides more LED driver outputs.

    - 1.8V to 3.3V logic level at the serial input stage

  • General Purpose Input Output(GPIO)
    2-wire serial interface

    - 52 General Purpose inputs or outputs

    - Adjustable Input stable interval for input de-bouncing function

    - Up to 4 device ID for serial input control

    - Interrupt for input change

    - Interrupt mask for each input

    - System clock input up to 25MHz 

  • 0.35 um process

  • 68 pin QFN with E-pad 8x8mm package

  • Single 3.3V power source  

Application :

  • Serial-to-parallel LED Driver

    - High port count switch LED driver, supporting both bi-color and mono-color mode

    - Static 7-segment LED driver  

  • General Purpose Input Output(GPIO)

    - Factory/Office security system

    - Keyboard scanning

    - LED display board control

    - Remote Control I/O



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