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TC3097-8 Lite End Multiport Repeater Interface Controller

General Description :

The TC3097 Lite End Multiport Repeater Interface Controller (LEMRIC) may be used to implement an IEEE 802.3 multiport repeater unit. It fully satisfies the IEEE 802.3 repeater specification including the functions defined by the repeater, segment partition and jabber lockup protection state machines.

The LEMRIC has an on-chip phase-locked-loop (PLL) for Manchester data decoding, a Manchester encoder, and an Elasticity Buffer for preamble regeneration. In addition, it provides direct LED display driver pins for per port LINK/RCV status, per port partition jabber status, global jam and jabber lockup status indications.

Each LEMRIC can connect up to 9 cable segments via its network interface ports. One port is fully Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) compatible and is able to connect to an external Medium Attachment Unit (MAU) using the maximum length of AUI cable. The other 8 ports have integrated 10BASE-T transceivers. In addition, large repeater units may be constructed by cascading LEMRICs together over the Inter-LEMRIC bus.

Feature :

  • Functionally conforms to Section 9 in the IEEE 802.3 specification.

  • 9 network connection (ports) per chip including:
    - 1 AUI PORT with fully compatible and drive capability (50m AUI cable).
    - 8 TP PORT with fully compatible and drive capability (100m TP cable).

  • Cascadable for large multiple LEMRIC hub applications.

  • On-chip Elasticity buffer, Manchester encoder and decoder.

  • Separate partition state machine for each port.

  • Embeded LED output driver for each port partition status, each port link/receive status (TP port), global jam status, and global jabber status. No external glue logic is required.

  • Embedded predistortion resistors for every TP port.

  • Build in power reset circuit, no extra glue logic required.

  • Crystal/Oscillator optional applicable.

  • Manchester code violation detection and reporting.

  • Support MAU Jabber Lockup Protection function. Support Auto Partition/Reconnection function to isolate a faulty segment' s collision activity.

  • Fully integrated Link Test logic with enable/disable option, conforming to the 10BASE-T standard.

  • Fully integrated polarity detect/correct logic with enable/disable option for per TP port.

  • Low power consumption; fully load < 900 mW.

  • CMOS device feature high integration with a single + 5V supply.

  • 100-pin QFP package.



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